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Introduction to The  Bankruptcy Yearbook & Almanac

Since 1991, bankruptcy professionals and researchers everywhere have relied on The Bankruptcy Yearbook & Almanac from New Generation Research, Inc. to stay informed of the latest industry trends and developments. 

Now in its 19th edition, this industry resource puts essential bankruptcy information at your fingertips with over 500 pages of facts, figures, graphs, research and commentary covering all aspects of bankruptcy. 

Every edition includes updated information on:

US Bankruptcy Court data, industry trends and analysis on public bankruptcy filings, bankruptcy acquisitions, asset sales and mergers, distressed securities markets and trading, bankruptcy legislation, professional compensation, international bankruptcies and much more. 

The price of The 2009 Bankruptcy Yearbook & Almanac is only $295; to order your copy of this invaluable professional resource click here. Or you may call 800-468-3810 ext 550 or e-mail us at


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